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I had two blue carpet beauties a few years back, but had to break down my tank as we underwent a renovation from hell and so gave them away through the lfs. Alas, now that the new tank has been up and running for a while, I can't find replacements. Any ideas?



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Do blue carpet anemones sharply limit the things you can keep in the tank? Aren't they pretty "aggressive" (venomous)? What do you keep witht hem?


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All carpet anemones are risky around fish and other motile animals. Their stingers (nematocysts) are terribly effective at snarling prey. I've seen carpets catch all sorts of fish and would not trust rare fish around these anemones.

BTW, nice signature. Palau is BEAUITFUL! :)


Wanna know a trick used over seas to produce some blue carpets? Copper, and sometimes juice (cyanide) in controlled amounts, leading to a bleached blue look. Now you know why so many don't fair so well :(

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