Alright everyone (hey Unarce!)
I wanted to know who has these clams and how long you've had them :)
I have two ORA black and whites, they are almost approaching their first year with me. I have had them survive a tank crash, pyramid snails, a psycho sixline, and pinched mantle. We have gone through thick and thin together, and they are my babies. I got them back from my friend today who was holding them for me after my tank crashed. They don't look as sexy as they did, but they should be soon :D

Here is an old shot of them. I've lost all the other clams you see in this pic from the crash :(


post pics of yours!


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Hey Jin! Glad to see the BWs are still going strong. What are you running now?

Here's my resident BW:


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Are these only available from ORA because I have yet to hear of one of these being available this year. What is the best way of going about getting one?


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In the US, it's mostly luck. You just have to keep checking all the usual spots online that might get one.

I believe ORA is the only one that sells captive-raised BWs and can request that your LFS get on a waiting list for one. It is a longshot, though.

Wild specimens seem to show up more in Europe.


Karl, I am running the same 24 gallon. There will be a small upgrade shortly though to a 35 gallon and a new 250 watt pendant :)
Your clam looks fantastic as usual. My clams are recovering their black as they weren't under the best lighting over at my friend's tank.
btw, i am trying to obtain an aquascene, can you pm me if you're willing to frag yours? i have the ATL one and not sure if it looks as nice as yours :)
thanks buddy!

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