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I don't have a lot of info for you, but since nobody else has replied, I guess what I have would be better than nothing:

Overall, I've not had longterm sucess with basket stars. They last longer than crinoids typically do, but I've never had one live more than a year. The large intricate ones from the Caribbean (Astrophyton) always seem to self-destruct. The simpler bodied ones from the Pacific (Conocladus sp.?) last longer, but eventually disappear.
I have no idea for feeding - obviously Artemia naups are in the "wishful thinking" department. I always hoped (vainly) that they would find enough food on their own......
Avoid a basket star that has any arm damage, as this may by a sign that it has begun to self-destruct. Besides, delicate echinoderms never seem to do well if they've got damaged spots on them.
So - by your tagline, if you are doing well with Goniopora, a small basket star might be something to try....



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look at RC most recent TOTM...others are having success with reeds shellfish diet+Fauna Marin foods.

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