Lorraine Vavra

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My clownfish still has a pop eye on one side but is eating and staying in the back of the tank in a water flow that is strong, still very wiggly. I went to my LFS thinking that I would buy a cleaner shrimp for him but the LFS suggested Melafix, right into the tank 7 days. I think trying to catch the clown in this heavily rocked reef would really freak him out (It would need lots of tearing apart). I have been doing 5 gallon water changes with clean salt water every other day even though the water parameters are fine. LFS said stop this It will disturb the clown. Any advice you experts have would be appreciated! Thank ou.


Personnally, I would never do any treatment like this in the main tank. There is certainly a way to catch this fish without to much stress.

Lorraine Vavra

Active Reefer
I have soooo much rock in this tank and the clown is well versed in going down the paths inbetween, is there a way to lure him into a net easily? Also, I just fed him a bunch of mysis soaked in garlic and he is still gobbling everything up. Maybe patience to just let it heal on his own? How Do you catch one without disassembling the tank when it is filled with rock?

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