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Manhattan Aquariums Saturday Sale!

Ready to Restock your Reef Aquarium?
All New LPS, SPS, and Softy frags in stock!

Just arrived Grafted Monti Frags, Ultra Goniopora,
UC Gold Torch & UC Abyss Torch Frags
Just to name a few.

All Frag Packs 20% Off
In-store & MA Online
Use Discount Code: MAFRAGPACK

Manhattan Reef Members gets 10%Off All Livestock
In-store & MA Online
Use Discount Code MR10

*In Store Only Sales!
All Starfish sp. 20% Off
All Aquarium Test Kits 15% Off

*Styrofoam Boxes and Heat Packs are available for livestock upon request
* SW Fish on MA Online are Special Order only!

*Sale Starts Saturday 2/26 in-store.
Manhattan Aquariums will be closed Sunday & Monday
but sales continue on MA Online until Monday 2/28


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