The monthly MASNA meeting will be held this month the 2nd Wednesday of the month - 2/9 (instead of the first Wed.) at 9pm EST, in IRC chat room #masna. All MASNA members are welcome to join the Board of Directors in this meeting. For instant access to the MASNA chat room, try our Java chat ( ). No download or installation is required. If you would like to record a transcript of the meeting or prefer mIRC format, you can download and install the required software and instructions following this link: ( ).

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to browse the meeting minutes following the meeting, they will be posted on MASNA’s website ( ).

Cheri Phillips
MASNA President


Advanced Reefer
Reef Cherie":20y5xb3i said:
The monthly MASNA meeting will be held this month the 2nd Wednesday of the month - 2/9

Apparently it is not happening - I've been logged in for 30 minutes but there sure isn't a meeting going on...



Advanced Reefer
Reef Cherie":2ahy71ol said:
The meeting IS happening - you must be in the wrong chat room. You should be in #MASNA...


I was in #MASNA, just on a different IRC server.
Nowhere on the site does it tell you which IRC network. (At least that I could find...)

The JAVA chat client doesn't work in either Mozilla or Firefox- I had to go to IE to get it to work- And from there to get the server network. then to #MASNA.

Someone should really tell Shane that #MASNA isn't on the AfterX network...

Mike Kirda
Approx Oct. 2003. BTW - on the MASNA home page - right side is a box entitled "Online BOD Meetings." At the bottom of that box is "mIRC Software and Instructions. Click on that link and you would have been directed to the information you were looking for.



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