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Big News!! NYRA is now giving out $50 Gift Card to celebrate our 4th Anniversary! Also, we are launching our Beast Membership now!
All you need to do is go to our site <> register an account and enjoy your membership benefits! Members are now enjoy the discounts rate all year long!

Steps to redeem your Gift Card
1) Visit <> and register an user account
2) PM our Facebook page with your registered Email, and the Gift Card will send to your provided Email Address
3) Get your gift card and place order with us!

Membership Discount Rates
1) Sliver Membership - 5%
2) Gold Membership - 10%
3) Platinum Membership - 15%
4) Diamond Membership - 20%
5) Beast Membership - 30%

More Membership Benefits :-
1) Free raffle ticket
2) Freebies in EVERY order
3) Online Gift Card
4) Free Shipping
5) Free Shwag

How to entitle for the memberships?
1) Sliver Membership - $100 spending quarterly
2) Gold Membership - $300 spending quarterly
3) Platinum Membership - $500 spending quarterly
4) Diamond Membership - $650 spending quarterly
5) Beast Membership - $1000 spending quarterly

But! Whoever register your account betweem July 20th - August 4th, 2019 get FREE Upgrade to Sliver Membership at no cost! You will also receiving a $50 Gift Card to use before August 4th, 2019!

How to maintain or upgrade my membership?
A: Our membership stage is classified by spending amount in quarterly, to maintain your membership badge you will need to make minimum spending amount according to your membership requirement. But don't worry, membership will never loss their benefits. If you're spending lesser than $100 quarterly, you will still owning a Sliver Membership for lifetime! Your membership level will be renew by weekly, which means if your spending amount is reached higher / lower level membership, the new discounts rate will be applied in following week.

Membership Terms and Conditions
1) Members have to fulfill the membership spending requirement to keep the current benefits
2) Discounts rate ONLY apply to our website order and ONLY LIVE STOCKS
3) Membership benefits doesn't share with your friend / family, only the account owner
4) Membership discounts rate doesn't stack with any promotion, sales or special event, member can select either one to apply
5) Raffle ticket is given once a month, qualified members can select which raffle to join. Members will need to PM our FaceBook Page to claims your raffle ticket, first come first serve basis
6) Freebies is on NYRA picks
7) Free Shipping and Online Coupon given once in a quarter
8) Online Coupon serve with minimum spending amount as below
~ Gold Membership - $40 min
~ Platinum Membership - $60 min
~ Diamond Membership - $100 min
~ Beast Membership - $150 min


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