Hehehe, yah I didn't even realize this forum existed .. oh well :)

But man, maybe they should think about getting server space in another part of the country during hurricane season :)


Advanced Reefer
Co-locating is never a bad idea for any serious website.

Is it just me, or is this hurricane season just a huge, vivid example of why American energy policy has to change?

I wonder if people in the SE who drive Hummers and Escalades are able to put 2 + 2 together.


While I do agree with both the energy and driving policy needs to change, although its a bit hypocritical coming from some of us who use more energy than typical homes in las vegas without even running the A/C! :) I think it might be a stretch to link energy to global warming to hurricanes.

I personally think the terrorists just now have weather control devices!

Or better yet, God has WMD! Time for a showdown!

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