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But this could get a bit confusing if we want to communicate. More than one place to post things. We need a communication section on our web site.


I don't think it takes all that much longer to post something in both forums...plus more people will see it if you're selling something locally. Hopefully both get used :D :D

Welcome to RDO guys!!!


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Hmmm...the Aquarium.net articles linked from Toonen's articles no longer are there! Good thing I downloaded that website a couple months ago. I think I'll upload it tonight as a 'mirror' until it comes back online (if it ever does). I'd hate to see those articles lost!

RasBobre":3vsls4nz said:
Where have I been?

Two forums = twice as good. :lol:

looks like you have been here reefs.org longer than most of us.
you just did not know about this forum.

have fun in that fresh snow!:)



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Hey guys, actually I have been lurking RC more regularly for about the same amount of time.

Hate putting my foot in my mouth.

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