Advanced Reefer
San Francisco
I bought much of the gear from the Aquarium in Concord when it closed down a few months ago and have it in storage awaiting a buyer.
It includes 6 skids of RK-2 protein skimmers w/ fluidized sand filters, [ one of them huge!], 18 rk-2 pumps, cartridge filters, UV sterilizers, aquariums and aircraft aluminum stands. Theres enough gear here to run 5 COMPLETE fish systems and be one of the best stores in the Bay area overnite!
New, all this stuff cost 70K...will let it all go for 22K.
All you need is a location to set up.

Heres what there is;
6 complete protein skimmer filtration skids;
5 lg 6 foot 13 inch diameter RK 2 skimmers with 3'sq base platforms, fluidized beds, control panel, uv sterilizers, heaters etc.
1 xl 8 foot 18 inch diameter RK 2 skimmer w/ fluidized bed, control panel, uv sterilizer, heater etc.
18 RK-2 pumps to run skimmers, tanks etc.
10 lg canister filters 2 1/2 feet tall each
2 8 foot aircraft aluminum racks that hold 2 8 foot acrylic tanks each
4 8 foot acrylic tanks
2 4 foot aircraft aluminum racks that hold 2 4 foot acrylic tanks each
2 4 foot acrylic tanks
2 4 X 4 acrylic coral tanks
1 lg dual metal halide lighting system w/ transformers
4 large bags of bio ball material ....
4 150 galon aquarium sumps...lg grey horse trough type
lots of misc material and lots!
Sincerely, Steve
408 655 3195
PS. Its all or nothing...will not seperate.

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