It's Frag Swap Time Again!!!!

July 9th 2005 Northern California Regional frag swap

Bay Area Reefers invites you to join us for this regional event.
Any member of any non profit marine aquarium hobbyist organization is welcome to attend. The swap will be held starting at 11 am at Aquatic Specialties and Pets (ASAP) in Hayward California.

Please bring your corals pre-fragged, double bagged and labelled with as much of the following as possible:
1. Genus and species
2. Care recommendations (lighting and flow, low/med/high)
3. Your contact info. (completely optional)

Reefers contributing "rare" corals to the swap will get first pick at the swap.
Registration will begin at 11 am, we hope to start picking by 1pm and end before 5pm.
Food and beverages will be available.
ASAP, a premiere, ethically oriented marine wholesaler will be hosting an open house from 11 am to 1pm.

This event is free to all reef club members (not just BAR members) with current membership id bringing coral to swap and $10 for club members not bringing coral.
You will be able to sign up for BAR membership the day of the swap, but to save time, please get directions and sign up for membership at www.bareefers.org.
Please PM or e-mail me to send pics for advance "rare" confirmation.

Thank you -Jim Adelberg
VP, Bay Area Reefers

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