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OK I'm really ticked off so I am even going to mention names on this one!

I stop by Ost Aquarium at least once sometimes twice per week and spend on avg. $100-150 mo. at there store and another $100 or so at the Marysville store.( which by the way has the same guy named Joe working and who never jerks me around) When I go into Ost it is the same employees every single time and they treat me as if they have never seen me before. So they have had this coral for about 4 months now. I have had my eye on it since then. It had about 25% of the colony killed off due to them letting other corals fall over on it and as been covered in Xiena the past month or so. When it first came in I was quoted a price of $45 so tell me why after part of the colony has died and it has been there for 4 months does the price go up to $50 by the same person who qoutoed me last time. When I asked this question I was just ignored!

If it were not for my complete addiction to finding new corals I would never go there again. Something has got to be done about this kind of crap. I have even called Peggy on the phone and mentioned this before and it stills happen. I try to give these guys my money but it's becoming more difficult and gets to the point where you want to act as dumb as they do everytime I go in.

The customer service between the Sac. store and the Marysville store is like night and day not to mention how much better the Tanks and Live stock are at the Marysville shop!



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I'd expect the conflicting prices, since none of their coral tanks have labels. How did Peggy respond? I've got to check out the Marysville store.


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Ya but when the dude sees me there at least once a week I mean come on now! Peggy always says she will talk tot hem about it but I have only talked to her over the phone!
Only two things I will buy from O Street:

1. Salt (3 bag boxes of I.O.)

2. Salt (did I already mention that?)

Everytime I'm in there (to buy salt), or [almost] any other local store for that matter, all I see are overpriced sick or floating fish, and brown corals that you can't even get a price for from the moron behind the counter.

I don't even bother with them any more. I say let the saps keep them in business. If shipping wasn't so much on buckets of I.O., I'd never go there. I don't even know what John charges for boxes or buckets of salt, but after I use this last bag, I'm going to find out. I'd rather pay a buck or two more and throw my support his way.


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I hear ya brother. John gets most of my business but I'm always searching for that "great find" coral. I blame it all on addiction. 8O

At least I get treated like a human at the Marysville store!!

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