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For sticking up for me on RC. I really value everyones opinion and it feels great to be loved!! And just for the record in case Anenome and Beerguy read this ( matt feel free to remove this thread if I am in the wrong) both of you know Damn well what happened so don't try to play dumb. You see this hobby is a small world and I know a lot of people in this small world and found out exactly what you two did. Stop hiding behind your CPU. I could have easliy made a new user name and been back but I have been trying to be a MAN about it and get reinstated the proper way!!

Matt if you ever want to hear the story about how 2 mods created a fake website to get me banned LMK and I will share anytime. They even used a Proxy site so no one could see who registered the URL that is mysterously gone now! And my info came from a MOD at RC go figure some of them don't even like there own!! :lol: :lol:


I appreciate the thoughts but I have to lock this one. The sentiments expressed are best kept at RC, methinks. :D
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