UN-Official M.A.R.S member frag swap.

When: July 8th 1pm-2pm Setup, 2pm-3pm Viewing time, 3-5pm The fun begins.
Where: Village Green Apartments 2703 Corabel Ln. Sacramento, 95821 Clubhouse.
Parking: Please park in any uncovered spot in the complex or along the street and walk in.

Hey Folks, So it looked like there was some interest in doing a frag swap, So I deceided to take on the challenge and arrange one for us.


1.Open to all current 2006 card carrying M.A.R.S Members, Please have your card to be shown upon entry.

2. As all of us have started with nothing at one time we understand If youhave nothing to swap. We will be asking those of you without frags for a $5 participation fee, Which will cover the cost of Hotdogs,buns and charcoal.

3. We're doing this potluck style. Please try to bring something edible to share with the group. SODA is always welcome...

4. We will be organizing the tables in groups. Xenia's, mushrooms and zoa's (Zoo's) on one table, acro's (SPS) on another and LPS (Frogspawn) on the last one.

5. All frags should be fragged before the event (people who are really organized and thoughtful could even mount their frags before the event). People can do this at home or do it before the swap if they need help (preferably 30 min. or more). Doing this in advance will help the frags make the transistion to the new owner.

6. All frags are to be put into disposable storage containers. Not zip-lock bags (they leak).

7. All containers need to be labeled with the type of coral (common and scientific), the name, RC handle of the farmer or Email and the type of lighting it needs. I would recommend printing a little picture of it as they tend to close up in the containers and it's hard to tell what you have, especially with zoas (zoos).

8. If someone would like to donate some dip. We could use it to help stop the spreading of pests. Especially for people who do not have QT tanks at home. On this topic if you do have dip already please dip your frags before bringing them we wouldnt want a flatworm or redbug pandemic happening.

9. Bring some sort of container to take your new possesions home.

10. This is going to be based on groups. Depending on how many people show, We will have anywhere from 3-6 people in a group. When people arrive they will sign in and pick a number for their group. Each group will have 3-5 minutes to look and pick. The next round the last group would go first to make it fair. After words, you guys can work on side trades and such.

11. And remember to have fun, be nice and enjoy the event. There is a pool, if someone wants to take a swim, you are more then welcome.

12. Please let me know if your are coming and what you would be bringing, so I can make a list of attendee's.

Also, I was thinking of doing a small raffle for $1 a ticket, for every $25 we collect will go into a pot and then be used as the prize which will be gift certificates to YourReef.
Example: We collect $100 dollars from ticket sales, we will have 4 $25 gift certificates to raffle off. If we have funds that can not be divided into $25, the remaining would be donated to M.A.R.S. The prizes will be mailed out on the following monday. If some members would like to donate some frags to a drawing to raise funds for Mars. Please let me know so I can set up a raffle for that. So im not sure on the raffle's But Hows everything sound.
I would like to have some volunteer's help with setting and manning the tables, manning the BBQ, setting up before 2pm and such.

For any questions or comments, you can email me at


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