It's Frag Swap Time Again!!!!

February 11, 2006 Northern California Regional frag swap

Bay Area Reefers invites you to join us for this regional event.
Any member of any non profit marine aquarium hobbyist organization is welcome to attend.
This event is free to all reef club members (not just BAR members) with current membership bringing coral to swap, and $20 for club members not bringing coral. (Your $20 dollars will be used by BAR to purchase corals for this event).

The swap will be held at Aquatic Specialties and Pets (ASAP)in Hayward California, and as usual, ASAP will not sell anything to the public.
Registration and frag check-in is from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm, with the swap proper beginning at 1:00 pm

If you are joining BAR for the first time, or need to make your membership current, we encourage you to sign up for BAR membership online here before the swap using Paypal. If you need to sign up for membership the day of the swap there will be a 10 dollar late sign up fee in addition to the 20 dollar membership fee.

Please bring your corals:
1) Pre-fragged
Preferably pre-fragged with enough time to encrust/attach onto something. If the frags you are bringing are fresh cut, please frag the coral the night before to give the frag time to stop sliming and sloughing, and to improve survivability before packing it to bring to the swap
2) In a plastic container or double bagged
We are suggesting Glad MiniRounds (or larger size if needed), Rubbermaid Take Alongs, or another appropriatedly sized resuable container because reusability is nice! If you put a bit of plastic bag in the bottom of such container, the frags seem to do less rolling around than in plastic bags. Double bagged LFS bags are fine as well, but please no ziploc bags.
3) Labeled
Several labels are available here for download. Fill in the blanks using Word, print, and waterproof by covering the label with packaging tape, and attach to your frag containers.

Also - we suggest you bring some kind of ice chest or other container for the corals that you pick during the swap.

The picking
Each participant will be given a number and that is the group with whom they pick frags.
Corals will be grouped according to type.
Groups will rotate through the picking area with each person picking 1 coral.
Bonus tickets will pick first in each round.
The order of groups picking will go up, then down. For example, if there are 3 groups the order would be:
bonus, 1, 2, 3, (...)
bonus, 3, 2, 1
bonus, 1, 2, 3

Bonus round/bonus tickets
Bonus tickets are obtained by bringing 'rare' corals, or by bringing multiple other corals. For each Bonus ticket, you get one pick in a Bonus round which is in place of your normal picking group in that round. If you have multiple bonus tickets, you can only use one in each bonus round. Once you are out of bonus tickets, you will revert to your regular picking group for the next round. If a bonus round has too many people in it, it will be split into two just to make the picking area less frantic.
One bonus ticket is given for each of the following:
2 'rare' frags
10 mounted, encrusted/attached 'normal' frags
20 unmounted frags

To save time at the swap please post pics to this thread for consideration before the swap. If you are a member of a club other than BAR, you can still post to this thread as a guest (please use your first name or your RC handle), or register but include your club affiliation in the location field.

Family Memberhsips
If you have a BAR family membership, each member of the family that brings frags or pays the $20 No Frag Fee can participate in the Picking Rounds.

Sponsors and Raffle
Our raffle for this event is going to be huge, including:
• ER-cs6 skimmer donated by Mermaid Aquarium and BAR, and corals, dry good and gift certificates from:
• New Alameda Aquatics
• Reef Nutrition
• Atlantis Aquarium
• Aquascene
• Dolphin Pet Village
• Aquarium Concepts
• Aquatic Gallery
• Aquatic Collection
• A registration package for the Western Marine Conference (WMC)
as well as corals donated by BAR.

More donations to will be listed in here.

There will be bbq for sale and drinks supplied by BAR. There will also be IC-gel for sale at the swap.

And, we'd like to thank Bob and Robert at ASAP for their continued support!

If you have some juice to help out at the swap, please post here.

Remember the spirit of the swap - give more than you take! :D

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