Coral Farming as a Business - October 14, 2006 1pm
Owning and operating a long term coral farming business

Bay Area Reefers is honored to host the one and only Steve Tyree in a presentation of his latest work on captive farming and distribution of stony corals.

Researcher, author, coral farmer, and reefkeeping pioneer of over 20 years experience, Steve Tyree has performed extensive research in the propagation of reef building stony corals in captivity, resulting in many leading edge discoveries that are applicable to all captive maintained corals. Some of these discoveries are expected to yield information crucial to coral survival in the wild as well.

Steve's current general interests include captive scleractinian stony coral research, natural filtration methods, environmental gradients within tropical reef platforms, sponge research, ascidian research, bivalve research, zonal filtration research, copepod plankton research and propagating captive grown corals, sponges and ascidians via fragmentation, budding or sexual reproduction.

After giving numerous talks, including a total of 4 presentations to various Macna Conferences over the years, Steve has decided to focus more of his attention on coral farming activities, and will be doing only a very limited number of lectures each year. We are most fortunate to have him as our guest for our October meeting!

Don't miss this opportunity to attend an educational presentation by one of reefkeeping's greats!

Our October meeting is sponsored with raffle donations from our friends and
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This event is open to the general public and will be held at Aquatic Specialties and Pets in Hayward, a state of the art, ethical, aquatic wholesaler. Please follow this link for directions: Directions.aspx

More about Steve Tyree:

Steve has given presentations to:
- Macna VII
- Macna X
- Macna XIV
- WMC 1999

Steve's articles and photographs have appeared in:
- Aquarium Frontiers
- Das Aquarium
- Koralle
- Sea Scope
- The Reef Aquarium Volume 1
- The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium Volume 1,2,3
- Aquarium Corals
- Steinkorallen Im Aquarium Band 1

He has lectured on the topics of:
- Introduction to Reef Building Stony Corals (SPS Corals)
- Current Trends in Keeping Reef Building Stony Corals in Captivity
- The Biological Light Requirement of Photosynthetic Coral
- Farming Stony Corals in Captivity
- Reef Building Stony Coral Species Identification
- The Natural Physical Environment of Reef Building Stony Corals
- Living Sponges (The Porifera)
- The Environmental Gradient Natural Filtration Method
- Living Sea Squirts (The Ascidians)
- Expanding the Zonal Concept to Natural Captive Reef Filtration
- Tropical Coral Reef Environment Rhythmicity and Techniques for Inducing Captive Coral Spawning
- Coral Bleaching and Photoadaptation Dynamics in Nature and Captivity

Steve has published three series of books:
- Reef Building Stony Corals
- Captive Oceans
- Captive Maintenance Advanced Techniques

Hope to see everyone there!

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