Gills Aquarium Store

Experienced Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
Mamaroneck, NY
Hello all!

Gills Aquarium Store is holding its first annual "Aquafair" tomorrow from 11-8!

Address is 525 North Barry Avenue Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Free giveaways including betta fish, raffles on several different aquarium setups and pretty much the entire store is on sale including 20% off all fish!

The event will be catered by Smokehouse Grill as well as Anthony's Deli! Come hungry but also come earlier if you want some grub!

In the last two weeks we have brought in more fish than ever before, 8 different shipments over 2 weeks, including some awesome rare gem, below is just a taste of what is available:

Crescent Tail fairy wrasse
kato fairy wrasse
flame fin fairy wrasse
sailfin fairy wrasse
exquisite fairy wrasse
melanarus wrasse
mocha davinci clowns
Mystery Wrasse
Red Margin Fairy wrasse
Six Line wrasse
Katherine Fairy Wrasse
Brunneus Fairy Wrasse
Carpenter Fairy wrasse
Blue dot goby
Yellow tail coris wrasse
Slingjaw wrasse
Filamentous fairy wrasse
decolores wrasse
hardwickii wrasse
red breasted wrasse
Blue koran angels
Emperor Angels
Singapore Angels
Coral beauty angels
half black angels
yellow angels
lyretail hogfish
Clown triggers
black ice clowns
snowflake clowns
black snowflake clowns
mocha clowns
xxxl designer clowns
davinci clowns
black Davinci Clown (single)

platinum clowns
regular oc. clowns
tomato clowns
maroon clowns
skunk clowns
kole tangs
powder blue tangs
Annularis Angels
Hippo Tangs
Yellow Tangs
Flame Angels


Come join us tomorrow, looking forward to seeing everyone!

Gills Aquarium Store

Experienced Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
Mamaroneck, NY
525 North Barry Ave
Mamaroneck, NY 10543


The sale will be happening 6/16 (Saturday) 11am-8pm!

All fish will be 20% off as well as other deals on drygoods and corals!

As always, even with our low prices we offer a 2 week guarantee on all fish. We are committed to providing the trade with high quality HEALTHY livestock so you can enjoy the hobby and not have to worry as much.

If you don't see something you want, let us know and we will get it for you! Almost always unbeatable prices. Come check us out, I guarantee you won't be disappointed with either our livestock or our excellent customer service!

Thanks to everyone for your support over the last year and change, we wouldn't be here without you guys and we really do appreciate everyone one of you. Whether you have bought a gigantic full setup or only one hermit crab we appreciate your business and this is our way of giving back to you. Discounts on almost everything, free food and giveaways and just a fun day! We plan on doing this event every year and a similar style event every fall as well.

Thank you all! Can't wait to see everyone!!!!!!!!!!


The owners and staff at Gills Aquarium Store

Gills Aquarium Store

Experienced Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
Mamaroneck, NY
We have 4 raffles for tomorrow:

Free to enter 5 Gallon "Glo" tank raffle

Innovative Marine 20 gallon peninsula aquarium, comes with reef ready LED lights, sand, 10lbs LifeRock

29 Gallon Coralife Kit Aquarium Setup ready for saltwater

16 Gallon Bowfront Freshwater Aquarium Kit


Pinoy Reef Addict!
Manhattan Reefs
I was just there nice place, picked up a pair of da Vinci clownfish. Great staff will def be back again oh yeah they had food lol the pulled pork was great!


Advanced Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
Westchester, N.Y
Today the kids had a blast. They both enjoyed another free betta. I don't know what we going to do with all these bettas. Kids loved the chicken wings. I just wanted let Sean and his staff they did a great job celebrating one year anniversary and Father's Day. The store was fully stock well with fish and coral. Hope the store for many many years to come.

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