Hello guys, here is a quick update for this week...

Potters Angel
Watanabei angel
Pintail wrasse
Borbonious anthias
Black Tang
Sixline wrasse
Scribbled Angel
Melanarus wrasse
Hooded flame wrasse Male
Longnose Hawk
Flame Angel
Purple Firefish
Emperor angel juvi
Coral Beauty
Bluestar leopard wrasse
Kole tang
Sunbust/Fathead anthias
Flame wrasse female
Linear blenny
Sailfin Tang
Hybrid Achillies
Achillies tang
Pinktail trigger
Blonde Naso
Flameback angel
Fiji Fox
Evansi anthias
Freckled Hawk
Lyretail Anthias
Cream angel
exquisite wrasse
Majestic Angel
Rosescale Wrasse
Japanese swallow tail
Magnificent Foxface
Starry Blenny
Algae Blenny
polleni Grouper
Niger trigger
Engineer Goby
Yellow Tang
Bimac Anthias
Powder Blue
Purple tang
Panther Grouper
Dogface Puffer
Blue throat trigger
Yellow Coris
Goldback Trigger

More Borbonious
yellow coris
Lubbocks wrasse
Naoko wrasse
yellow fin fairy wrasse
blue face tilefish
small hippo tangs
copperband butterfly
orangeback wrasse
yellow tail damsel

Premium Snowflake $34.99
Frostbite $39.99
Flurry $29.99
Naked Clown $34.99
Wyoming White $34.99
Black Photon $29.99
Premium Black Ice $34.99

Fire Shrimp
Cleaner Shrimp
Peppermint Shrimp
Red Leg hermit
Blue Leg Hermit
Nassarius snail
Nerite snail
Magarita snail
mexican turbo snail

WD Frags
Acro Colonies
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