Hi guys, here is a quick update....

Yellow flank wrasse
Purple pseudo
Sunrise dottyback wild
Rosescale wrasse
Yellow tang
Borbonious anthias
Yellow watchman
Blue dot watchman
Hippo tang
Algae blenny
royal gramma
african flameback
Purple firefish
African flameback
Tiny sailfin
Tailspot blenny
Solar wrasse
Yellowfin wrasse
Diamond tail wrasse
Orange line cardinal
Blue star leopard wrasse
Pintail wrasse
Vanderbilt chromis
Starry blenny
Huma huma
Nox angel
Powder blue tang
Orange spot filefish
Kole tang
square anthias
Springieri damsel
Blue eye Kole
Box fish
Yellow tail damsel
Exquisite wrasse
Randall?s anthias
Blonde naso tang
Bluethrout trigger
Yellow miragine wrasse
Wantanabei angel female and males eating!
Lyretail anthias
dussimeri tang
Bicolor angel
Yellow coris
Bangaii cardinal
Panther grouper
Kamari angel
Clown tang
Powder brown
Orange spot blenny
Ignites anthias
Bicolor blenny
Yellow foxface
Aiptasia file
Bicolor parrot
Soldier fish

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