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-Superman montipora
-Rainbow montipora
-Orange acan echinata
-Pink Palythoas
-Green speckled PPE
-Red PPE
-Derasa clams(maybe)
-White pompom xenia
-Orange cycloseris
-Cortex cerith snails
-Peppermint Shirmps
-Cleaner shrimps
-Mexican Redleg hermits
-Zoo frags

Also i still have many other pieces still left in my other thread. Just to let you guys know. MR gets first pic before I put the items up on other sites so get them while you can.....

Aquatic Life Direct

Advanced Reefer
possibly.... i still need a good supplier...

Guys the corals i recieved look great! however, i did not recieve the red PPE(sorry kigs). I did get a derasa clam and a Blue Maxima(1inch).... pics will be up in a few days as the corals start to open up.

Superman monti is cultured and is about 2x2inch.-$80
Rainbow monti is wild caught. Its the size of a baseball(slightly larger)-$120

I have a bunch of zoa frags and a bunch of blue,green ricordea yumas. Also got a nice piece of florida ricordea.Orange, green, and blue(3 heads).

Aquatic Life Direct

Advanced Reefer
I recieved:
-Superman montipora -$80
-Rainbow montipora -$125
-Orange acan echinata-$80
-Pink Palythoas -$60
-Green speckled PPE -$100
-Derasa clams 2.5 inch -$42
-Rare Blue Maxima 1 inch -$45
-White pompom xenia -$45
-Orange cycloseris -$45
-6 Peppermint Shirmps -$10 each
-1 Cleaner shrimp -$20 each
-25 Cortez cerith snails -$1.50 each
-25 Mexican Redleg hermits $1.00 each
-Zoo frags $15-$25
-Misc. frags $15-$30
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Aquatic Life Direct

Advanced Reefer
Sorry for the delay on the pics. Alot of corals opened up but not 100%. I'm still trying to get better pics but I'm having a hard time. Many came out slightly blurry and alot of pics and pricing will be up tomorrow but for now here is the Green Speckled PPE I recieved and the rainbow monti. Still not fully opened. Theres also a pic of frag from it(not for sale) which is somewhat fully opened.
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