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All MR members can now get an EXCLUSIVE price on your salt at PetsWarehouse Lindenhurst.

Available Salt Brands: Coral life, Fritz, Instant Ocean, RedSea, Seachem, Tropic Marin

PM me on what brand and size you need, and I will preorder it for you!

Our goal with this is to show our appreciation for our loyal customers and The MR community. As I am sure everyone is aware, prices are raising on everything. I hope this can help buffer the cost of our hobby.

As stated above this will only be for special preorders, not the inventory on the shelf. This is also only for in store pick up, it cannot be ordered online or shipped to you.

The restrictions are as follows: hobbyists only (No vendors or maintenance companies), limit one per customer, cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts.​

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