Lighting? T5


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froggiebunbun said:
Manny, read this if you haven't yet
FastUno is also a member of MR...try giving him a PM for more info.
Here's a link to his tank thread with some pix of tank lit by T-5s
froggie, thanks for the RC thread link....... I wish I had read that earlier... I might have gone OVERkill with my lights.... oh well... going back to finish the thread.. thanks again

vic, tried PMing you but it said youre full....
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jasonperez said:
how high did ur con-ed go up after u got the t-5s ? im a new comer i want to get the lights and i dont want to here it from the wife ;)
I couldn't isolate the cost unless I did the math. This is one of those hobby's that fall under the category......the cost didn't go up much from the lights honey, it was the utility company's rates that went up. Or, just don't let her see the bill. :inlove: