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tank's been up and running for almost 2 months now with nothing but cleaner crew which were added about 2 weeks ago. would like to now get started with a good beginner fish (or two) AND some coral.

i would welcome suggestions as to the above. also whether its a mistake to intro a new fish and coral simultaneosly. ideally i'd love a couple of clowns and an easy coral host.

tank is a 40g long with T5 4x54W. skimmer for time being is Precision Marine. SSB and about 80lbs LR



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I agree. I'd start out with something easy to maintain like zoos, mushrooms, colt or kenya tree coral. But go slow. Don't stock heavy yet. Slow and easy...


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I agree with Zoo's, Mushrooms, Colt, Kenya tree but I also think Leathers are good.

Good starter fish, Green CHromis or tank bred clown fish.

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I swear by the 6 line wrasse - great intro fish and you'll keep him forever.

As for corals, you should specify if you want hard or soft, and with 4 t5's you'll want to be careful not to burn your softies and will be able to keep easy and colorful sps like orange and green digitata.



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we have a 6 line wrasse in our 12g and love it to death. great color and markings, darts around and is fun to watch. but thats my wife's tank and she wont let me transfer it over to the big tank. i may get another eventually but thought i'd look around first.

just checked my books and chromis sound good. always liked schoolers with my FW tank as kid. book says its best if they're bought in odd numbers like 3 or 5. anybody agree? and would 3 chromis be too much on bioload?

as for coral goals....ideally i'd like a little of both. i'm not looking to get into the hardcore or exotic stuff for a while. just some basic varieties of each that can coexist. looks like masta has some shroom frags so that might be a good start unless frags need special care which i dont know about. dont recall any threads here about fundamentals of coral care so i'm going by the different books in my marine 'biblioteka'

thanks for ideas


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You should PM Ezee, I think he has a school of small green chromis he wants to rid himself of... just moving in a different direction.

There is no reason you you can't add a pair of CB clowns-- I'd recommend Ocellaris or Percula as they stay relatively small. Once your tank settles in a bit more, you can add a piece of frogspawn or hammer coral and they will very likely accept it as a host. You can also look at a royal gramma or friedmani dottyback--- both beautiful, small, hardy and relatively docile.

I second the shrooms, zoanthid notion and if you want an SPS down the road, I second Jim's notion of Montipora digitata.

You should be able to acquire most, if not all of these at the swap. Are you coming? Randy


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thanks all

made my first acquisition today picking up 3 shroom polyps and a kenya tree from masterswimmer. sorry to say, i have no idea if they're good or bad cuz they're our first corals. only thing i know is that they look cool and that master was very helpful. still trying to figure out how to do the trader rating thing.

pratt....thanks for tip about ezee. have pm'ed him and will see what's up. as for swap meet, had wanted to go but it filled up pretty fast. wife says she put us on the wait list but i'm not holding my breath. besides, its a pretty dangerous thing to put a newbie with some cash in front of a bunch of for sale signs.

thanks again to masterswimmer...steve

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