requirements for pagoda cup, acan,chalice


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some of the items i got from the swap include a beautiful huge pagoda cup, frag of acan and two chalice frags. i would like to know what lighting and flow requirements are best for these corals. please help. thanks btw they are in a 40br w/ 400w MH.


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The Pagoda won't really care either way, but that is quite a bit of light for a 40g. For comparison, all my systems use 250W either SE or DE MH lamps.

The Acans and Chalices should be kept low.



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thank you guys. i don't have the 400 sitting right on the tank. it's maybe a foot or more above the surface. i've always heard you can never have too much light or flow. in the case of low light/low flow corals that isn't true.

i placed the acan on the sand bed and the chalice are pretty low too. flow is a problem because i have two seio 620's, a maxijet 1200 and a return on the left and right from a mag 9.5 maybe 5 feet below so there is flow pretty much everywhere. i don't want anything settling, except sand.


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My experience with that particular pagoda is that it doesn't mind flow, as long as you are not blasting it.


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