Where do your fish spend the evening?


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Just got a pair of percs this week. They swim around the tank nicely during the day, but when the lights go off at nite and i come downstairs in the morning, its as if they're trying to lie flat on their sides at the surface in one of the corners.

The only other fish in the tank is a small clown goby. And they all get along fine. There's plenty of nooks and crannies in the rock. There's even a bit of frogwpawn and some hammer for them. Temp is 80 and all parameters are fine. And like I said earlier, they're a giggle to watch swimming during daylight.

Is it possible that there's too much flow? Its a 40 gal tank with a pair of mj 900's creating about 10x turnover.

So i was curious where OPF (other peoples fish) spend their nites.


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Depending on the type of fish they will sleep in different places and some will even be more active once the lights go off, if you have a squirrel fish in the tank you'll see them swimming back and foward once the lights go out looking for food. Some fish will just hang in the corner of the tank or up against something, Rabbit fish are known to do this. Other fish will hide next to a rock or in a cervious and surround themselves in a mucus cocoon, wrasse are big on this. Triggers like to wedge themselves in between rocks and lock themselves in as do Hippo tang. Clown fish if you provide them with an anemone will most likely send the night in it otherwise they will look for a subsititue and sleep in that. Some clown will sleep in hair algae or star polyps or other corals but since a lot of corals close up at night it doesn't make a good place to sleep in and they usually find some where else to sleep in which is usually near by a coral that they may host during the day. Some will, just like yours, lay on the sand next to a rock or by the glass.

It's also very important to have you lights come on and off the same time as it puts your fish on a time schedule and you start to see that actually looking for their hiding spaces before the light go off. It's also a lot less stress to the fish than to have the lights just go on and off at different times.


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My hippo tang sleeps in a colony of acros.
My pipefish sleeps in a cave.
Blue/green Chromis sleeps in a different cave.
Pr. Ocellaris Clowns sleep in a 35 head torch.
Mandarin sleeps on the sand.
Kole Tang sleeps in the rocks but moves about quite a bit.
Royal Gramma sleeps in an acro colony.
Lawnmower Blenny sleeps in a different spot every night.

I sleep in my bed after my wife gets up. :lol: :kidding:



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Howell, NJ
were my fishies sleep

hippo tang sleeps in the rockwork...
yellow tang sleeps behind all the rocks.
osc. clown wobbles all over the place at night....