What should a clean-up crew consist of?


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Snails (astrea and turbos, min), hermits (I like scarlets), emerald crab (for bubble algae), shrimp (for left over food), and starfish (mini and the big guys).

This is just the beginning, there are many other cool critters that are able to help out your reef.

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I would go for

Snails: Mix of Astrea, Round Nerith, Turbo(if you do not have items that are too easy to be knocked down) and Nassarius. Elephant snug is my favorite!!!!

Hermits: The only ones acceptable (to me) is the red legged ones if you have snails

Shrimps: Cleaner shrimps. I would avoid mantis, pistol.....

Seastars: No recommendation yet.

Fish: if you have turbo snails, I would suggest to avoid the algae blenny. I personnaly feel that my turbos are cleanig more area than the blenny plus the slim of "my blenny" kills some of my coral.

Clams: I know it's not too effective but I just like to put little necks in my refuge anyway to filter off small particules in the water. LOL The healthy ones will be filtered by me and served on the table.