re; how long do you wait making new saltwater

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alrha said:
is there any need to heat the water while mixing if it is going to be only a small percentage of the water (i.e. <5%)?
Albert, if you take note of your original question that I was responding to, it makes no mention of water temperature of your water change water. It makes mention of the temp of the water WHILE MIXING.

Once again, back to the original question, the salt will dissolve better in 78 degree water than at 65 degrees.

I don't heat up my topoff water either. It gets added to the sump, just as marrone said. I only heat up my saltwater mix because of the dissolving effect, no other reason. If it dissolved just as easily in colder water, I'd be doing that.



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I have to heat up the water for mixing, my RO/DI comes out freezing cold in the winter. I need to keep a heater in the container from the start otherwise the salt would never mix as Russ pointed out.

As for the water change temp I keep it within a couple degrees of the tank water.


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Another reason to wait at least 24 hours, as JHale already pointed out (though not in so many words), if you don't aerate your water you may have PH issues. If the waterchange is large enough that can give some of your livestock problems.



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Thanks everyone

Usually I wait a day or two for proper aeration as Ezee pointed out but was in a hurry yesterday. I decided to hold off and the water is still mixing. Too tired to do a water change and probably won't do one until Saturday when I have some energy.

Just got back from work an hour ago. Working for a professional sweat shop is no fun. Think I have to get a "gubbament job"


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stamford ct
42 gal tank but after considering rock and sand, i figure max 35 gals of water. no sump (dammit).

i change about 5-6 gals every saturday. start rodi either friday nite or sat morn. rodi goes into big mixer with powerhead and heater. some cooks over nite, with rest for at least a few hours @ 78 degrees. somehow i just figure bringing up temp aids dissolving and curing of water.

water is definitely crystal clear when and coral seem to pay no attention

btw...also have a thermomete showing room and water temp. my house temp is usually in mid to upper 60's. rodi temp varies with season and takes forever to warm up to room in winter. rodi temp is noticably warmer last few weekends. throw an old heater in, your fish will thank you.

besides, with 40 gal long, its a relatively shallow tank. considering the downward force of poured water, i dont like idea of potential shock to corals or fish of cold water.