Help, lost 1/3 of my brain


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My brain coral has lost about 1/3 of its flesh. A new Tunze pump progressively covered the coral in sand over a 3 day period without my noticing. :(

It looks as if some of the "mouths" are still intact. Water quality is all good. Does anyone have an idea of what the survival chances are for the rest of the brain? Will it grow back?

Picture should be attached. Thanks for any thoughts.


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Brains regenerate pretty easily if you place it in the right conditions. Get it out of the way of the direct flow and possibly where there is some slight overhang coverage so that algae doesn't take a foot hold on the exposed skeleton.
Target feeding some meaty foods will help it heal faster.


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Agreed. The brain can definitely recover but you kind of have to be on top of it. Feeding is really important at this point. Also make sure it is on your substrate, not on the rock.


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