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I've got TONS of micro bubbles all over my live rock/walls and can't seem to figure out where it is coming from. Here's the setup:
120g dual overflows
55g sump.
Red Sea Berlin XL protien skimmer powered by a Mag5
Korallin Ca2 Reactor powered by maxi-jet and Eheim pump
Mag 9.5 for sump to main tank return (T'd off to the dual returns of the main tank)
Mag12 to power a 1"Sea swirl - all located in main tank.
Mag12 to power a Chiller
Eheim Ecco 2236 filter (coarse filter, carbon, 3 fine filters)

That's all the mechanical parts that I got in this guy.

Anyone have any idea of what my problem may be? Thanks in advance,


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prob the return area of your sump. the water flowing down is creating bubbles. or there are bubbles from your skimmer to the return part of the sump, or just the down flow of water from the over flow. I had the same problem a few days ago. Fixed it by putting a foam block two inches above my return outlet. Worked like a charm

Aquatice creations in brooklyn sells the big long ones you can use.

if its not the sump, then it maybe the return outlet not attached properly. i also had this problem where it sprayed a very high perssue mini stream that created lots of bubbles


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u said u got bubbles on the walls and rocks are u sure its microbubbles and not cyano.... take a pic so we no wat to tell ya... take a pic of ur sump as well so we can help u the right way...


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Are you using soft tubing for your drain and return lines or do you have pvc? If you have pvc check all of your joints on the return they might be sucking in air......