Durso standpipe


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I'm about to order a Durso for my new tank setup. I have two quick questions.

1) is the durso going to fit into the larger bulkhead or the smaller bulkhead (i'm assuming the larger one).

2) how do I measure my bulkhead to figure out which durso to get. If I measure from the outside of the threads, its almost 2" in diameter. If I measure from the inside of the threads on the bulkhead, its 1 3/4".

Sorry for the newbie questions :)


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I think dursos are easy enough to build on your own. Just go to home depot with a shoping list and you'll be set. I did mine all by myself and it works great. You can do it we can help!


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i agree, duros r easy. stockman's a bit harder. but both can be DIY. but i was lazy so I paid 20 for a stockman. Still had to modified it cause i was too lazy to remove my old standpipe. :lol:
They can make custom size for bulkheads larger than 1.5" if u contact them sales@DursoStandpipes.com
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