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basically im looking for a cheap way to install metal halides for my 55g. im in the process of making a canopy for it. so im looking for something to hang over the tank, from the top of the canopy. i was wondering what kind of fixture can i use. like can i use something as a simple clamp lamp? or can i make something? also i always had the question of can a metal halide bulb fir into a regular socket? but primarily looking to make or buy something for cheap to incorporate metal halides for my tank. thank you for any help...


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MH bulbs do not fit into a regular socket and they require a ballast to run. If you want to keep it cheap, I'd suggest the for sale/for trade forum. On a 55 I would keep the lights pretty high above the surface, or you are going to face serious heat issues. I always suggest that people who invest in MH should be seriously considering a chiller as well. I'd bet that excessive heat is probably the biggest reef killer around. Restocking after every summer will cost much more than a chiller in the long run. BTW, I've had a 55 SPS reef with nothing but VHO's.


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IMO go with T5s. No heat issues and great output. If you're willing to do some DIY you can get them from www.diyreef.com pretty cheap. Reef Exotics (MR sponsor) also has some good deals on MH retro fits.