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Hi All,
Long time reader, first time posting. :fight2:

I recently jumped into the reef hobby a few months ago.

46 bowfront
fluval 305 with only carbon and phosban
2 maxijet powerheads
renacal 200w heater
prizm skimmer
Aquatinics 6-T5 canopy
65lbs liverock
60lbs livesand
2 maroon clownfish
1 spotted mandarin
1 lawnmower blenny
3 emerald crab
20 hermit crabs
20 turbosnails
frogspawn, torch, bubble, zoos, plate, mushrooms, favia, sun polyp, and a big red sponge

feeding the addiction.........:wink1:


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Welcome to MR!!! I'm sure you will love it here. A lot of great people with good hearts with the same sddiction as you! You will fit right in! :splitspin

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Craig, seems liek your reading has paid off - how about some tank shots in the Tank Thread forum?

Welcome to MR and let me know if we cna be of further assistance.


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Craig, welcome aboard. Your :Lurking: days are over! :lol:
Please join in our discussions and ask lots of questions. Great group of reefers with the same addiction here.



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Welcome, and ditto to what Master said :)

join in the craziness, I'm always afraid when new people say they have been reading the site for a while, were really not as bad as we type sometimes ;) :D


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Welcome to MR bud, yes feel free to ask questions, as you can see i only joined the end of last month and im already up to 53 posts LOL. Ive been asking a ton of questions and havent been yelled at yet so tere are alot of good and patient people here and not to mention VERY helpful.

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