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oonycxwilloo said:
is a kent nautilus skimmer considered a good skimmer?
i haven't heard to much about kent skimmers. whats your price range? if you let us know we can probably make some recommendations.

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im buying it from someone as a set a 55g tank, stand, sump and skimmer all for 325. he said the skimmer is a kent nautilus skimmer and thats all he told me. i was just wondering if thats a good skimmer or not.


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I don't own one but I have seen a few running at the LFS. I think it has a crappy pump but okay as entry level skimmer on the budget.

Get a Deltec PF600 if your budget allows, otherwise a used Aqua C Urchin can be found at a reasonable price on RC.


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I have a Kent nautilus Te w/ mag 7 pump and it's crappy ???? What are u talkin about. It's a decent skimmer I always get a cup full of crap every 2 1/2 days


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Umm!! :scratchch You must been lucky that day..

From the Owner's Manual on Kent Marine's website:

Installation and Operation​

The Nautilus TE is designed to sit in a sump beneath the main aquarium. It is not designed to stand alone​
outside a sump. It is recommended that a pump capable of delivering 650-900 gph (2,461-3,407 lph) at 0’
head be used to operate the Nautilus TE; lower flow will not allow the Turbo•Eductor fitting to operate at full
efficiency, and higher flow may not allow water to exit the skimmer at a sufficient rate. For maximum
efficiency, the pump (not included) should be located as close to the Nautilus TE as possible.

The ones I have seen at the LFS had Rios on there and they are a POS.

Why don't you post some pictures of your skimmer in action?? I can get a cup full of crap with any skimmer if the water is full of crap, or I can get nothing out of my tank with a $3,000 BK if the water happens to be pristine.