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Hello All,

Im looking to upgrade from my 5 gal, which are mostly zoos,acan mush eupllyia(sp??)
I am looking to get any where from a 20 to 30or so, and still plan on keeping mostly lsp, and softies. Maybe some easy sps. I dont want to bother with a sump, just a hang on skimmer(remora) filter or possible refugium.

First I am looking for a good lighting setup-used then will match the tank size
is 250 mh too much for a 29 gal

I dont want to put too much money into it as I know that I really want a much larger tank, I live in an apt now and are planning on moving to a house in a year or two, thats why im looking for used goods.

Any suggestions on a good solid setup, and stuff you might want to sell??

Also what lighting provides the best color rendition besides MH???

Thanks for your time
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with that low of a buget, you're gonna have to look for used. Keep looking on Craigslist, RC, and here. Go to a pet store and see what size tank you like. (I like a 20 gallon, but not the shape of a 29. so go look)

250 is fine for a 29. I have a 150DE on my 20 and I have plenty of light. I've got clams on the bottom of the tank and they're thriving.

Also, the color temp of your lights will alter what the colors in your tank look like. Most people run 10KK main lights, then run some kind of actinic. I only have my MH in my setup (no other lights) So I run a 14kk. I really like the look of it without actinics. My next tank will have t5 actinics. So I might step down to a 10KK bulb.

Hope this helps.