Orchid Dottyback and Six-Line


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I currently have a Orchid Dottyback in a 50 gal. tank. I want to put a six-line in the tank as well. What are the chances of them getting along?

Does anyone have these two fishes in the same tank now or before? Can they co-exist in harmony or will it be survival of the the strongest?

By the way, the orchid dottyback has been in my tank for almost two months.


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Zoous said:
Based on past experience? That's like no chance at all.
Not based on past experience at all. Just my opinion of an established dottyback encountering a 6 line wrasse in a 50 gallon tank. Your 2 specimens may become best buddies. :hug:


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My dottyback is twice the size of the six-line. The orchid dottyback only comes out in the day and I never see it at night even when I turn on my lights at night.

It just doesn't come out even when I feed the tank at night.
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The Orchid Dottyback will mostly attack the 6-Line and the 6-Line will probably jump out of the tank. Orchid Dottyback aren't as aggressive as other dottyback/basslet but it will make it's present know to the 6-Line. They may co-exist but one will have to be submissive to the other.

On the positive side you'll probably see more of your Orchid Dottyback once you put in the 6-Line.
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It will not tolerate another fish in its territory of the same type body that feeds on the same material in a tank so small.... This is from experience. It wont happen in a day (although it could depending on species) Orchids are not as vicious as the arabian ones but have the same exact tendencies nonetheless. I would not even chance it in a tank smaller than a 90 with plenty of rock work.


PS: Wrasses cocoon at night to sleep. Pseudochromis hunt at night (especially twilight) as well as in the daytime. That is when they catch prey sleeping.
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Mmmm. I have a six line and the said pseduo in my 55. They hang out together but each have their own territories. They get upset if the other ventures into their favorite spot but in the "netural" areas they swim right next to each other. I should mention that they've only know each other for a few days.


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if u have a good amt of rock work you may beable to pull it off ? without a death maybe.....................for a good amt of time until they kill eachother

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