Avoid seeding new tank with any nuisance algae

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So I was considering setting up my old tank as a FOWLR.

I wanted to avoid any algae issues, so if I were to set up this tank and take the following steps:

-Give the tank and all the equipment a wipe down with bleach

-Use completely dead rock (after doing an acid bath), along with dry reef sand

-Seed the tank with a bacterial supplement such as Microbacter etc.

-QT any snails/hermits to make sure they're not carrying any algae on their shells

Would this avoid the introduction of any and all algae?
I'm trying to have no nuisance algae, and even if this means no coralline etc. that's okay with me. Just want a FOWLR running with a skimmer and reactor.



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Depending on the load in the tank you're most likely going to get some algae growth in the tank, almost impossible to not have some type. The best way to keep it in control would be to keep your nutrients down, don't go over board with heavily lighting, and have fish that will most likely eat any algae growth in the tank, fish like Angels, Tangs, and Rabbitfish.

And remember, things like food usually have algae in them.
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Oh wow I didn't realize food could introduce algae into the tank. I thought I had everything covered but you can't do without food...

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keep your phosphates/nitrates close to zero, temp around 75 and lighting not to intense and algae wont really grow. I actually do the opposite and just get a lot of fish to eat it and an army of hermits to cleanup what the fish miss.