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Guys I have 40 breeder tank and im planning to use a sump this time. I looking also to use a HOB overflow since my tank is not Reef Ready. I want to know what type of return pump I need to buy. I believe my tank and stand is 4-5 ft tall I think. thanx in advance


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depends on the size HOB overflow you use. you just want to make sure you overflow can handle more than you return pump is returning to the display.

4-5 feet is not excessively tall that would warrant a high pressure pump, so pretty much any of your bread and butter internal or external, AC or DC pumps should work.

I got a jebao DC return pump for my new system and love it. I know some will say jebao isnt reliable but i have a backup just in case, but have yet to have an issue with it.

Some of the more well known AC powered pumps are ones like mag pumps, eheim, sicce


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There's 2 camps on this. The 10x the display tanks volume gallons per hour camp. Which is the older way of thinking. Then there's the newer 3 to 5x the display tanks volume. Ime anywhere 4 to 6x is best. Either way you have to figure head height into that equation. Also a good idea to match, or close to, the return pumps gph to how much the protein skimmer can process per hour.
I too am running a jebao dc return pump and love it. Also have an ehiem hobby pump that is going strong for over 10 years. Don't cheap out on a return pump, the added heat and lack of reliability will cost you more.
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