Harlequin shrimp n starfish..


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i like these shrimp and been thinking about getting one or 2.

how much do they eat and when to feed them.

i have a 72 gal bowfront with coral and somefish.. any advice to sustaining these shrimps would be helpful.


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Barnum Island
Are you aware that Harlequin shrimp ONLY eat starfish? ..and those starfish need to be alive when they are eaten...(yuck!). Most people who have them feed them Chocolate Chip Starfish. (poor :starfish:)
If you get more than 1 Harlequin they must be a male/female pair or one will kill the other.

just some info..
The people who have them will chime in on the feeding routine I'm sure. I personally don't even want to think about it....lol :bablefish


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I have some Garf grunge in my tank, and this stuff is loaded with, Pods, co-pods, and and three legged star fish, perfect for the Harlequin shrimp,It takes a couple of months, but my tank is loaded with this good stuff. I also made only a little section of rubble in my tank as I do like the sand look rather than the rubble look.. Most people on this site will negativly dissmiss the grunge and say it has no pods and ect.. absoulte lie, 5 tanks I've done with the grunge all with great sucsess , but all of them takes a couple of months for you to notice life, as there microscopic life forms.. and great for reef tanks!!
so if your infeasted with 3 legged star fish a couple of Harlequin shrimp will be a good addition..and its pretty cool to watch them eat too. and yes they only feed on live star fish..