Reef Crab...should he stay or go?


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lol...that'll be nice. I was on 72nd and broadway yesterday by the subway station and there were rodents mingling with people. I'm talking about larger than a fist rodents or RATS as some people will put it. The rodents were on garbage pale's, on the steel barricades and even underneath the benches...and some people were walking and sitting right beside them like it's ok. It's funny how "accustomed" we've become to rodents here in NYC. IT'd be nice to have that hermit just control those for a while.


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I was actually at the union sq one today and saw that crab...this guy is bigger LOL. I feed him same shrimp pellet things just to keep him at bay...he uses his pincers on the rubber stuff on the back of the tank...I hope he doesn't create a leak!@ He has such a great personality its a shame I have to get rid of him...I love how every night he puts on the bigger shell, walks around for a bit and then puts on the lighter one (pictured).