5g setup folw


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hey there im planning on doing a 5g nano tank umm just live rock and 2 fishes with a few inverts. i will gradualy add corals but just till i get more money ill just leave it with a cuc and some inverts and 2 small fishes. now i was just wondering what are some small fishes, i mean smallest of damsels, gobys, fire fish. heres my list

yellow tailed damsel
domino damsel
black and gold damsel
shrimpgoby yellow watchman
shrimpgoby orange spotted
firefish goby
just need to know which are more compatible with each other.

1 cleaner clam
1 emerald crab
1 Halloween hermit
2 other hermits
1-2 feather dusters
1 caramel back shrimp
1 cleaner shrimp
5 turbo snails

wow... what a list lol but i have a 10g tank but it has a crack at the bottom so im just gonna stick with the 5g(should i do buy a 10g or can i fix it?) now i just want 2 fishes dont want to overcrowd the swimming room. and are there too many inverts? i also do plan on adding corals as time goes on, but for now fish/inverts and live rocks only other thank what ever springs out of the lr.


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no to
yellow tailed damsel
domino damsel
black and gold damsel
you might get away with a goby or 2 of the same species at most, a 5g tank is going to be hard to maintain though and no to the camel shrimp


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yea your best bet on a 5g tank is one or two (at most) gobies with a cleaner shrimp. You might end up having trouble with more than that unless the fish you pick are not territorial/aggressive and you're vigilant on water changes. I had a damsel on a 12 gallon and even in that it was aggressive...t'was about 2.5 inches in length.