Questions on mixed reef setups


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I have seen may beautiful & successful mixed reef setups lately, but at the same time I read threads on how it's not a good idea.
Although i have been in the hobby for 6 months, I am currently keeping a good mix of softies, leathers, lps & sps, my question is other than wkeeping the stinging corals away from sps, is there any other factors I should be concerned about?


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Ditto on what reefman said. I'm running a mixed reef and the softies grow WAY faster than the SPS ever could.

Also you ahve to run carbon aggressively to remove the chemicals the corals put out, like dean Said.

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"SPS, Softies, ... ONLY Tanks" still need a lot of activities to remove the chemicals put out by the corals. SPS will also fight SPS, softies will fight softies .... and so forth not just between different realms. Many reefers (successfull ones too), do not realize this until they sell some particular corals away and found the continuously dying ones started to thrive.