raising copepods


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mt vernon/bronx
hey i read that dragonets/blennys are har to keep because of copepod supply is small in nano tanks. now i was browsing on a pet store site and saw a meshed/nylon cloth refuge. description said it should hold in tiny micro and macro specimins and alow water and nutrients through.i would put it in the back of the tank or in the over flow of a starter tank. i was just wondering is there another way to raise copepods? does this sound like a good one?


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Barnum Island
Not necessarily. With Mandarins, it is the volume of them they eat per day. I've heard estimates in the hundreds and I believe that is why it is suggested to not keep one in a tank of less than 100g's that had been 'established' for more than a year.
The pods they eat are the really small ones..about the size of a period....
Probably best to be growing the pods naturally within your tank for these beautiful but often starved fish :(