how do I feed my clam ?


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norwalk ct
Hi does anyone have any video ? I also read that I can feed it some junk from my filter . what I guess I'm asking is how do I care for my clam in general ? Thank Jason


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You don't care
Clams eat by filtering the water column and with light. Most people don't supplement anything to feed their clams and have no problems. There are many threads here on this topic. Try doing a search.


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I third that, plenty of light. Not too much flow as that will cause them to move and get them aggitated, just as long as you keep feeding your fish well and they lay waste then your clam should be happy. The only case where you feed a clam is a very young one less than six months old and a squirt of phyto feast should be good enough. Check post around the net by James Fatheree.