dead turbo snail


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One out of the 4 i bought bidnt make it.. the blue leg hermits and the nasseriuth snails are eating it and one of the blue legs already took over the shell.


Should i leave the dead snail in there or should i remove it?


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as a general rule in my tanks; i remove anything that is dead.

so imho i would take it out

Pedro Nuno Ferreira

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Hi dsgray16, I'm sorry for your loss

JBM gave you a wise statement, however since one of the blue leg took possession of the empty shell, perhaps it would be good idea not to remove it as by doing that the hermit will be dislodged and left without protection which could be fatal to him as the other hermits would attack him the minute they spot it without protection.
To better do things and follow the wise statement of JBM, why don't you offer other empty shells, if you have them, if not surely the shop keeper will have some to give you, and maybe the hermit will leave this empty shell with possibly some rotten tissue in it and move to another clean one, after which you simple remove the one contaminated. Well...leave you this suggestion for a possible action.

Pedro Nuno ;-)