Live Rock ?


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i dont want to sound like a brocken record but i still havent gotton a straight awnser .

when i got my live rock it was covered a velvety burgandy alge
its been 8 weeks now and it completly came off.
i see some brown alge growing on the smaller pices but ..? are my rock dead ? should i get rid of them if there still any good will the alge grow back and how long?:eek:

? why would this happen is it a sighn of something bad?
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They were purple because they had coralline algae on them from the ocean. After exposure to air and the shipping and then the spikes of NO4 & NO3, it all died off. Now you have an algae bloom growing that is perfectly normal but unwanted and should be dealt with by putting in a clean up crew of hermit crabs and snails. The coralline algae will grow back but it takes a very long time. That is the beautiful purple, green, orange, yellow, red colored algae that we all strive to grow on our rocks.

I'm new at this too but thats pretty much what you have going on. Your rocks aren't dead, they are doing just fine.


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Soon enough you will see PLENTY of things crawling about your rocks and wonder how they got there. They are far from dead. Just part of the process. Key ingredient to reef keeping and the dreaded cycle... patience. Patience. Add another dash of patience, and you'll still need more :happysad:.

Just don't try and eliminate anything that naturally occurs with anything in a bottle. It will just mask what is really going on and you'll end up with bigger problems. For now, just let things take a natural course, things will start happening on their own. Good things. You will get an algae bloom which isn't so pretty as the cycle winds down which is just another sign to tell you that your tank is maturing. Don't worry. Keep the levels/parameters where they should be and you'll be fine.

Good luck! Welcome to the addiction.


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my best suggestion to you is to "forget" about your tank for a couple of weeks. By "forget" i mean this; dont touch anything, or add anything but water as it evaporates.

it's a waiting game that we all have to play. look at it this way, a house isnt built in one day, but rather a few weeks, or months (depending on the contractor :lol: ). Your aquarium is a house, take you time & build it right the first time