How many and what size powerheads should I get ??


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i agree with reefermadness.....what are you housing in there....? many options to get you good water flow...I have had the koralias and i must say...if you are running high calcium/alk lvls...they need to be cleaned quite a bit.(not that you will not have to clean other pumps....just way less often :splitspin) You may want to look into the maxijet with the mod....cheep great pump....if you got the cash...tunze or vortech

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I have a 90 gallon and runa Koralia 4 on one side and a Maxi-jet 900 with mod on the other. I have tons of water movement when you add my return from my sump. I am having a hard time placing my pulsing xenia and frogspawn so they arent getting nailed 24/7. I like the Koralia slightly better but the MJ 900 w/mod uses less electricity. I would go 2 koralia 4's