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I have a fuge/sump setup and I am totally redoing it all and am curious how to run a a filter sock?I will run all pvc into and out of the fuge/sump Do I just put the sock in the 2 1/2 " hole on the top of my sump or does it get fastened to the return line,or does water just need to flow through it ..are the mostly the same size diamter inlet hole? .Pics would be great also thanks Sal

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The filter sock is affixed to the sump and the drain pipe from you overflow will simply pour into the filter sock. This gets particles out before they even reach your sump/fuge.

In my signature is a link to my tank thread. The 2nd or 3rd pic is of my sump. On the left there is flexible tubing coming from the overflow (looks like vaccum tubing). Follow it to the right of the picture where it is plugged into a 90 degree white pvc elbow. The water dumps out the other end of the elbow like a waterfall and into the filter sock which you can see in the picture also below.

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two of my buddies use a 1-1/2" drains. The just get the kind of sock that has a drawstring. They just slip the sock of the end of the drain hose.

I have 1" drain lines. I was looking at these:


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i usually just soak it for an hour in HOT water then i take it out of bucket.spray it down on outside with hard shower massager turn it inside out spray again till i see all crud out rinse it in cold water and good as new