berghia nudi and pep shmp

Pedro Nuno Ferreira

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pedro it didnt say anything about peppermint shimp
Hi meagheavz ;-)
In fact it doesn't. It was for you to get more "acquainted" with the berghia nudi.
Now concerning your question, it is simple, do not mix them!!!!!, please read this in detail where among other very important information to follow you will also find the text bellow that answers your question directly.

Inland South Texas Aquaculture Reef[FONT=Verdana said:
][/FONT]Do not try to keep them with Peppermint or Camel Shrimp. These Lysmata species eat nearly everything that lives and we are very sure Berghia will be no exception. Some people have no trouble with them, but that depends on the tank and it's inhabitants. Peppermints may be safe with leather corals and adult Peppermint shrimp will eat aiptasia as well as anything similar in structure. They will eventually kill Tubastrea and small BTA's that can not tolerate a tentacle being plucked each night as well as other things. There is an occasional one kept alone that can be fed and kept under control, but, it is not a safe thing to try as they can go after something without warning. Peppermints are nocturnal and very shy and this means witnessing the damage they do is not going to happen. Very often zooanthids and polyps will really extend once the Peppermint shrimp are removed if they are in a tank. Peppermint shrimp are easily caught along rocky jetties of the lower Texas and Florida coast, not from reef areas. They are not "reef safe" as some people seem to think. The sting of the Berghia would not even phase these predator shrimp. Cleaner Shrimp are okay as they do not bother the Berghia nudibranches at all. Old literature says there are no documented predators of the Berghia nudibranches but we have found this is not correct.

Please read also this in detail.

I believe this will answer your question and a lot more that you didn't ask but need to know. You now have been given several possibilities
aipstia outbreak (
1 2 3 ... Last Page), take your pick, combine them if you want but do not mix the shrimps with the berghia.

Pedro Nuno ;-)
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