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the other day i had to finish with the swap out of my mag 9 for the iwaki 70 (preasure rated) and i acidentally sprayed water on my halide bulb and it broke, luckily i had a replacement bulb (10k reflux)...
the bulb replacement is on the oppisite side of where im wondering if the life of my bulb is at an end...its an 10k xm, i had bought it 3m used and i have had it running for bout 4 months now. but my zoo's are reaching up like there straining to get light, could this be so?
how long of high output can i expect from these and wat are the signs my bulb/s r defunct?
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Color shift, degrading of coral color, algae growth are the most comon things that happen when the bulbs are on the end of use life. Excessive bulb burn at arc points inside the bulb are a great sign that it is bad or going bad. MH bulbs should be changed every 6-8 months even though most people go for up to a year.

It depends on the maker of the bulb, usage (time on per day), type of bulb and preference.