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02-05-2006, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by fritz
If you want to use Live rock as your biological filter you need much more of it. You may need more flow then you currently have as well. What type of corals do you want to keep in this tank? That will determine how much flow you should have. Right now your tank is going through a cycle (which is a VERY good thing). You want it to do this. Essentially when you removed your canister filter you turned this into a brand new tank. (For future reference if you ever need to remove a canister filter again you should slowly remove the bio media each week until there is none left. This way you give the bacteria colonies that live on your live rock time to "ramp up" so that they can hold the bio load of the entire tank)

If you do massage water changes you're going to end up fighting a never ending battle against your tank cycle that you'll eventually loose. Find your fish a new home temporarily and let nature take it's course. Your amonia, nitrate and nitrite levels will level off, you will get a breakout of all different types of algae. Don't fight it let it go. In a month or so everything will be back to normal and you'll have enough bacteria to sustain a good tank. If you remove the pollutants you won't have enough bacteria to sustain what you will eventually put into it. The higher your amonia goes during your cycle the higher the load that your tank will be ready for. If your keep your amonia at almost zero for the entire cycle you will have very small bacteria colonies and when you add your first two fish you will quadruple the bio load sending your tank into another cycle.

Hope that helps.
I like your analysis.

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